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The Purposed Bride


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To order a print copy of The Purposed Bride, click here or order through Amazon.


To order a digital copy for your Kindle reader, click here.


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About the Book

     Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most magical experiences in your lifetime.  Whether you have been dreaming of it since you were a little girl or your wedding thoughts have just now begun, planning with purpose will help to make your wedding experience un-regrettable and unforgettable.

    The Purposed Bride will bring you closer to finding God’s will for your wedding by providing Bible-based insight on aspects of wedding planning and by encouraging you to pray through each decision. 

    The Purposed Bride is a perfect companion to your favorite practical wedding-planning guide.  From managing your wedding-season relationships and planning the event’s particulars to preparing a life with your fiancé, The Purposed Bride offers a Scriptural principle, Bible-based instruction, a practical activity, and a relevant prayer for each wedding topic.  With the help of The Purposed Bride, your wedding will be well on its way to being an intentional, fruitful experience of worship designed in God’s image and in your unique personality.